Cellular Energy & Detoxification Balancing

Cell Energy and Detoxification (a 2 stage steps).

Step 1:  We have about 37 trillion cells that must be fed daily to maintain function and create new generations of new cells.  Our body cells work as battery cells.  They hold energy and discharge energy throughout their life time.  If the individual cell lacks the proper level of energy or cannot retain a healthy charge, then the cell becomes dysfunctional.  We are only as healthy as our individual cells.  Therefore we need to begin small and work up.

After an injury, the cells may lose the ability to retain a healthy charge and may begin to degenerate…acting like a rechargeable battery that loses the ability to take a charge or flow energy to the organ, tissue, or system that you desire to work.  We have solutions to functionally measure this loss of charge and help you restore cell energy through new therapies such as low level laser.  Call to find out if your health challenge may be affected by low cell energy!

Step 2:  This is a cycle of supportive fuel in/release of toxicity out.  Disfunction of this cycle is often associated with weight gain and the inability to achieve healing.  We will evaluate what we need to do to build your body after the we determine your pattern.  If we are not absorbing properly, then even a diet of the best food is not being assimilated into yourself. Literally, each cell starts to starve and cannibalize other healthy cells if you are unable to get vital specific nutrients into you.

The choice of food is the first vital step. The determination of quality and quantity is also paramount. Having a functional digestive system is something that most of us don’t even consider.  Due to the increase of toxicity in the environment, there are a huge list of toxic load that our body stores in organs, our cellulite and even our brain.  This effects our ability to feel energy and become healthier.  Call about how we can help you with detoxification!

We talk about 4 stages in restoring bodies;  First you need to put out the fire. That means stop the source of cell destruction. What activities are you doing that are hurting your body? What choices are you making that cause body breakdown? What choices are you NOT making that keep you from regenerating properly? These questions are necessary to ask yourself as you determine your activities of the day, position of posture, level of activity, choices of foods and drinks, quantity and quality of your decisions in all areas of your life.

Come in to find out about the other stages and how your symptoms follow a pattern.  “Working together we can change your pattern and change your life!”