Perception Remodeling Balance

Our physical bodies reflect the emotional condition of our minds. It’s called Body language.  What we feel is expressed through our body.  You notice others body language every day.  It tells you a story about their past and present state.  Some have expressed that 99% of people with constant or chronic health conditions have a story that is expressing associated unprocessed, unreleased emotions.  These emotions usually have been buried in their body and are now being experienced as body breakdown.  If unaddressed, they may eventually degenerate to a serious condition.  Why wait?

Our symptoms are a language that our body uses to speak to us about imbalances, inflammation, infections, and problems that are not being addressed and will continue to cause degeneration and breakdown on a deeper level. Waiting for a symptom of pain, low energy, or any other frustration before being motivated to care for ourselves is always a reactive way of living.  It leads to unnecessary premature breakdown.  It is waiting for a crisis before action is taken.  It is like waiting to run out of gas before thinking about filling up our car.  Don’t wait to live.  Living is feeling.  Be Proactive with this!

The goal of addressing our perceptions is to start allowing ourselves to feel again because when we lose confidence in our bodies ability to be active, we don’t do things, we don’t do activities that once brought us joy. We don’t live.  We become more and more inactive, which continues to give us excuses in our life. We say things in our mind like, “I can’t do that or I’m too old to try that.” It is a formula for of low energy and no hope.  Part of having healthy perceptions is to be able to visualize your goals.  Be positive, proactive and confident with your visualizations. Create with intention! Each time you successfully do this you will more likely run that positive program in your activity.

For a moment, think about athletes.  Lower level athletes are reactive players, they wait for their opponent, and then they react. Upper level athletes are proactive.  They plan things out in advance and seem to know how to respond prior to playing the game. We have that same choice in our life and our health. Live intentionally! Intentional living is the tool that we will now discuss in all areas of your life, health and your individual cells performance. Be proactive, plan your success in big things and small, even your cell regeneration is guided by this.  Heal with intention!!!

Your perception of your life will equate more to your potential of longevity, health, and happiness than any other single choice will make. Your success in every area of your life will be impacted by your perception of feeling and appreciating the opportunity in the moment or your choice to cringe and recoil into a non-feeling, non-healing state.

When you internalize or bury your emotions, you become stuck. Anytime in the future that you witness a similar experience, you will use your subconscious patterns of stress reaction to rebury and further entrench yourselves into a degenerative health pattern of reactions. We address creating healthy perceptions because they are vital to the health, maintenance, and regeneration of every cell in your body!

Your body is telling you a story, come learn about yourself and how to write a better story!!!