Brain & Body Foundation Balance

We all have old injuries from childhood, sports, car accidents, life etc. that all affect our bodies to some degree.  Usually our bodies do a great job at healing from each event, but if there is low cell energy or a disconnection from old traumas than self-healing struggles.

Brain and Body Balance is based on the energy and clarity of each cell and how well they connect and communicate with neighbor cells.

Our office tests and identifies areas in the body that have sustained trauma in the past and have changed their function from a relaxed to a stressed state.  This stressed state causes a power depletion in the traumatized cells.  By the time we are a teenager this process has affected nearly 100% of the population and each person starts to degenerate rapidly in those weakened cells of that body area.

After a trauma, the tissue becomes stressed in all functions and tells its neighbor cells and tissue to also react in a stressed way all the time.  Even years after the trauma, the cells remember and react to these stress messages and then inappropriately continue to react in a stressed way.

Most body complaints that don’t easily resolve are due to when the body doesn’t clear the stress and doesn’t have the clarity or cellular energy to restore itself.   That body area typically degenerates and accelerates aging.  Do you feel that you are getting old before your time?

There are less than a handful of brain mapping facilities in Southern Utah.  Request a mapping to determine the fastest way to train your brain for a better memory, better focus, upgrade in brain related behavior and brain challenges.  We have NEW technology for you to do your training at home or on the road.

(Let’s Restore and Regenerate—Feel and Act Younger!)